Sunday, January 4, 2009

And another year begins....

I truly hope you had a wonderful holiday and a safe and happy New Year. This was our first year for not having our oldest daughter at home with us over the holidays. I was not sure how I would make out, but Paul,Lyndsay and I had a great Christmas with lots of phone calls to and from Edmonton (Jocelyn and Michael spent Christmas with Michael's family there). As usual I did not make any New Year's resolutions as I have a hard enough time with life as it is without putting extra pressure on myself. Sounds like the perfect cop out, wouldn't you say, but it works well for me!!!

I finally got a Cuttlebug (I know, I'm a bit behind!!) and I am having a blast with it. Also, a personal printer that I know will come in handy for quick pictures when I need them.

I always like having a calendar in my studio(do you like that word Jocelyn?)so I used this 2009 Template to make one. I just used a variety of stamps to decorate it and a CD case for the stand. Very simple, but will serve the purpose.

I used Autumn Leaves Smitten paper for my background on the pages.

We were in Antigonish in early December for our youngest daughter's (Lyndsay's) X-ring celebration. We had a wonderful time there celebrating with her friends and their families.
This picture is of the group of kids Lyndasy graduated high school with. They have remained great friends and will be graduating university together in May. They are all wonderful and we love them!!

This next one is not so great of Paul and I, but you can certainly see the excitement in Lyndsay's face. It so hard to believe four years have almost passed. Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of her.

Oh and did I mention I entered a contest in November with Pagemaps December Newsletter. I am not sure if this link will work as it goes to a PDF file, but you can go to PageMaps and check it out from there.
I won a great prize package and got published in Becky's December newsletter. Can you guess just how excited I was to receive that email!!!!

Just one last thing, everyone is looking to get organized this time of the year and Nicole Heady has some wonderful ideas for organizing your birthdays on her website. Check it out, there might be something there that will work for you. Take care and again Happy New Year!!!


Joce said...

and I quote Mike: "Your mom's blog has music? She's gone high tech!"

haha I do love the use of the word studio.. I've started using it as well.. although your room is more deserving of the title! I think you should send me one of those nifty calendars :)


Molly B said...

Wow, your calendar is great. Thanks for sharing the link. Im headed to print some now. Have a great time with your new Cuttlebug. I love mine so much it never gets put away. -Molly B

Corie said...

Great family picture!!

Love your calendar, so adorable!!