Monday, January 14, 2008

Gee.. the weekends

just go by sooo fast!!! Oh well, I just have to learn to make the best of them!!

I did work on a couple sample invitations for Jocelyn but I had best wait for her to see them before I show them to anyone else. We are hoping to get everything together for me to fly out to Calgary at the end of February to help her make the invitaions. I think she's just using this wedding as an excuse to finally get me to visit her!!!

I had an old magnet board I had gotten from goodness knows where and decided to cover it and use it for the little spice cans.

I am such a sucker for anything that I think will help me organize my space.

I finally got some clips for my version of the popular clip stand. I got a second made using a lazy susan as part of the base so I can spin it around. I just set the first one I made on an old turntable so I can also spin that one. It makes it so much easier than trying to see all around it. I couldn't find the clips locally so I ended up ordering thru Joanne's and had them sent to my cousin in Texas. Kinda the long away around to get them but it worked!!!

The second stand looks so much larger but it's not. If you look closely, the stamps hanging on it are the little See D's stamps. They are so inexpensive and such a great value. We have some at work and the rest I got at Coldbrook mall.

Have a happy Monday and here's hoping we don't get too much snow!!!!!!


pianojan said...

Wedding invitations -what fun to plan for you both.
Where online can you get the clips for the round-about? I have some parts for mine sitting here for when we can get together. Any other valley girls out there who want to take on the project?
Keep inspiring us, Pat.


Debbie G said...

Pat it is so nice to see you back blogging!! Missed you and your work!!

Lisa642 said...

Hey sweets!! Love your clip it ups. I see they're FULL of stamps, haha. You will have a ball with Jocelyn making invitations, won't you!! Sounds like a fantastic trip.

Amy said...

AWESOME! I may have to pick your brain on the clip up project. I really want to make one! I just subscribed to your feed so I will better be able to keep up with you! Always loved looking at your work on SS!

Jo said...


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Thanks hun xx

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