Monday, January 21, 2008

What a surprise....

it's snowing again!!!!!
I didn't get anything done this weekend but I have had a couple people ask about my new studio, so.....I took some pics this morning to show you. No, I did not clean up anything, so what you see is what you see!!!!!

So when you first come in my room, I have my computer in an armoire, which is suppose to close, but rarely do those doors close!!!!

These are my paper racks and different storage containers. I am slowly getting the drawers organized and labelled in hopes it will help me keep a tidy area (Yeah, right!!!!)

There is a 6FT. garden door on the next wall with a small deck off it (not accessible from the ground) It has an amazing view but today it's just snow and more snow!!!!

This is where I store most of my mounted stamps. My scraps of paper are color sorted in the small drawers and I have punches, ribbon etc in the next one.

This is my worktable and it's probably the cleanest it's ever been!! Paul just put the shelf up for me last week to try to get some of the *stuff* of the table!!

When we moved into this house, this room was used as a master bedroom so it has a huge walk in closet!! I have put storage racks in there and promptly filled it with everything from pictures, magazines and even a corner with boxes of memories from the girl's childhood. Maybe I will get it organized at some point!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the *tour* of my space and yes, it can double as a guest room if needed!!!

Have a happy Monday..


Jocelyn said...

Good grief woman! It looks more crowded in there than it actually is!! Or did you get more stuff since the last time I was home :)

pianojan said...

A master bedroom for a craft room-wow1 A good use of space imho - bedrooms don't need to be THAT big.

I'm in the process of organizing my "side" of the playroom which also holds books, games and a dusty treadmill.

Lisa642 said...

Looks marvelous!! But that 'tour' doesn't mean I still don't want to come see it in person!! haha, We need to play soon!!

Paulette said...

I love new beginnings when it means there's more room to play!!! Your room looks just like the rest of ours, so full of ideas just waiting to be created!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie G said...

Wow Pat!!! It looks like a store!! Is there enough room for all of us to scrap!!!! LOL I hope to see it in person someday too!

Deborah said...

Well there is certainly not a lack of inventory! (wink) Thanks for sharing! Deb

Deborah said...

Well there is certainly not a lack of inventory! (wink) Thanks for sharing! Deb

intelligence said...
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